About Me

About Me


Brown Paper  Brown Paper Bag  Brown Bag  Brown Paperbag is an Indian webcomic series by Sailesh Gopalan, following the lives of characters like Kabir, a stereotypical angsty teenage boy; his sister Ananya, the notorious second child; their parents, the ever-furious Ma and the nonchalant sleepyhead Pa; and so many others around them.  

Brown Paperbag Comics started in June 2016, when Sailesh was still in his second year of college at Srishti Institute, Bangalore. Nearly 3 years later, with 120+ episodes and over 300k followers across all social media, Sailesh partnered with Happywagon and started his own online merchandise store.

You can read the webcomic on Instagram and Facebook.

You can find his other art on his personal Instagram.
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